A space dedicated to the study of spirituality in health care

We see evidences of an increasing attention for the so-called humanization of care within the medical pathways offered in the most evolved health care contexts, a shift of perspective that aims to integrate, in the usual medical pathways, aspects related to the spiritual and religious dimension of sick people and their family members, as well as of the medical staff/personnel. Thus, it becomes clear how important it is to ground this type of practice on scientific evidence, which calls for the/a need to improve our understanding and knowledge of the contribution that spiritual assistance can offer within the current health context. This site is dedicated to the activities of a group of scholars and clinicians dedicated to research on spiritual aspects in the context of the clinic and healthcare organization. In particular, modern perspectives for the integration of spiritual assistance in the hospital context are studied. The site is freely available to scholars and researchers, and offer useful materials, information on seminars and conferences for updating and training, bibliographical indications, useful links and more.


Activities and Objectives of the Research Group on spirituality in health care

The Research Group brings together clinicians and scholars from various disciplines who are interested in studying the role of spirituality in patient care and healthcare organization. The group aims to promote knowledge, culture and research on this topic according to the accredited scientific methodological parameters.